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  1. Is Hydrogen Fuel the future of trucking?

    Is Hydrogen Fuel the future of trucking?

    #shorts The Future of trucking might be Hydrogen Fuel
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    News The Future of Commercial Transportation? Hydrogen-Powered Big Rigs

    As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the transportation industry is feeling the pressure to meet strict zero-emissions requirements. One solution that is gaining traction in the industry is hydrogen-powered big rigs. Although still in its early stages, many trucking companies are...
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    News Female truckers are happier than Male Truck Drivers

  4. Lawmakers introduced a bill guaranteeing truck driver overtime pay

    Lawmakers introduced a bill guaranteeing truck driver overtime pay

    Will truckers finally get overtime pay? Lawmakers introduced a bill that would eliminate current language in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 that...
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    Disc vs. Drum Brakes: tHE Pros and Cons

    Disc brake pros Lighter Weight: Disc brake systems are often lighter than their drum brake counterparts, contributing to overall weight savings on the vehicle. Easier Maintenance: They are generally easier to inspect and maintain, as components are
  6. The Trucking RECESSION of 2023-2024

    The Trucking RECESSION of 2023-2024

    Is the trucking industry headed for an apocalypse? Get the answers you need to stay ahead of the game and discover what’s causing the coming trucking apocaly...
  7. Towing company targeting truckers

    Towing company targeting truckers

    #shorts The owner of a Birmingham, Alabama, trucking company says he plans to sue A1’s Hauling and Towing after two of his big rigs were illegally towed by ...
  8. Changing tires ON A SEMI during Blitz Week

    Changing tires ON A SEMI during Blitz Week

  9. Ranco Enddump trailer bushing fix.

    Ranco Enddump trailer bushing fix.

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    Question: What are good truck specs for an End Dump?

    The specifications for an end dump truck can vary depending on factors such as the intended use, payload capacity, terrain, and local regulations. End dump trucks are commonly used for hauling and dumping materials such as gravel, sand, dirt, and construction debris. Here are some general...
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    News Understanding the Uncertain Fate of U.S. Trucking Company, Yellow Corp.

    Yellow Corp., formerly known as YRC Worldwide Inc., has been facing financial struggles for years. The company is one of the leading less-than-truckload carriers in the US, with over 30,000 employees across the country. However, with the prospect of bankruptcy looming, Yellow Corp. is at risk of...
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    Cummins Fault Code: 145 - SPN: 110 FMI: 4/4 - Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit

    The fault code 145 with SPN 110 and FMI (Failure Mode Identifier) for a Cummins ISX engine indicates an issue related to the engine coolant temperature sensor. Here's a breakdown of the fault code components: SPN (Suspect Parameter Number): SPN 110 refers to the engine coolant temperature...
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    Question: How To calculate the cost per mile for Your trucking Company?

    To calculate the cost per mile for your trucking company, you must consider various truck operating expenses. Here are the steps to calculate the cost per mile: Determine fixed costs: These expenses do not vary based on the number of miles driven. Examples include truck payments, insurance...
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    Question: What are the benefits of having a pre-emission era truck?

    A pre-emission era truck refers to a truck that was manufactured before the implementation of emissions standards for vehicles. Here are some potential benefits of owning and operating a pre-emission era truck: Simpler maintenance: Pre-emission era trucks tend to have simpler engine systems...
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    TRUCKING LAWS California Rules Phasing Out Diesel Trucks

    California Rules Phasing Out Diesel Trucks Diesel trucks have been the backbone of the trucking industry for decades, and phasing them out could have severe impacts. The regulation could force many truckers out of business, particularly those who own older diesel trucks that wouldn't comply...
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    Question: Where is the money in trucking for Owner-Operators?

    The best-paying trucking niche can vary depending on factors such as the type of cargo being transported, the distance and frequency of the hauls, and the driver's level of experience and qualifications. However, some of the highest-paying niches in the trucking industry include: Hazmat...
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    Cummins How to Inspect the aftertreament DEF dosing valve spray port

    Important note: some dirtbag YouTubers are saying you should buy another doser if it's dirty, but in actuality, any doser will be dirty. You need to know how bad is bad. these are the two examples.
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    Question: is it worth starting An end-dump business?

    The profitability of an end dump trucking business can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of trucks in the fleet, the operating costs, the demand for services, and the prevailing rates in the industry. Generally, a successful end dump trucking business can achieve profit...
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    TRUCKING LAWS Trucking Restrictions Act reintroduced by U.S. Rep. Brian Mast R-Fla

    The Ceasing Age-Based (CAB) Trucking Restrictions Act, recently reintroduced by U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., has already gained the support of 19 bipartisan co-sponsors and is identical to an earlier bill which had 21 Republican sponsors but failed to gain traction. The act would lift rules...