Question: Is DAT truckersedge any good?


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Nov 26, 2022

The Original Load Board: DAT TruckersEdge​

In 1978, Al Jubitz, a truck stop owner from Portland, Oregon, founded the original load board - Dial-A-Truck (also known as DAT Services). This load board was later acquired by TransCore in 1992 and became known as DAT TruckersEdge. Today, DAT Solutions is the granddaddy of all truck load boards and is still the preferred choice for many owner-operators and small carriers. Let's take a look at why this load board is so popular among truckers.

Load Matching Technology​

DAT TruckersEdge offers a unique load matching technology that allows users to find loads quickly and easily. This technology matches user preferences to available loads in order to find the best match possible. Additionally, this technology can help users find backhauls that are closer to their destination or even on their way back home.

Detailed Load Information​

In addition to providing advanced load matching capabilities, DAT TruckersEdge also provides detailed information about available loads. Users can view current availability and rates for each shipment, along with estimated delivery times. This allows users to make informed decisions when choosing which shipments they want to pursue. Additionally, users can access historical data about previous shipments that have been completed using the same criteria, allowing them to better estimate potential earnings and turnaround times for future shipments.

Ease of Use​

Another advantage of using DAT TruckersEdge is its ease of use. With an intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand navigation options, even newload board users can get up and running quickly without any hassles or frustrations. Additionally, there are helpful tutorials available on the website to provide users with additional guidance if needed.
Conclusion: For nearly 40 years now, DAT Solutions has been helping truckers across the country find loads quickly and easily with its flagship product - DAT TruckersEdge. From its advanced load matching technology to detailed information about each shipment and an easy-to-use interface, it's no wonder why this load board continues to be so popular among owner-operators and small carriers alike! If you're looking for an efficient way to find loads while on the road, then give DAT TruckerEdge a try today!